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Mira Embraces Wellness With Corporate Participation in DFC

In an inspiring display of team unity and commitment to health and wellness, the entire Mira team, including its management, participated in the Dubai Fitness Challenge. This initiative, sponsored by Mira Developments, underscores the company's dedication to fostering a culture of health and active living not just in the community but within its own ranks as well.

The Mira team, led by CEO Tamara Getigezheva, engaged in a series of fitness activities at the event's specially designed zones in Kite Beach: Mira Lift, Mira Ride, and Mira Row. These zones, known for their challenging setups, provided the perfect platform for the Mira team to indulge in CrossFit, cycling, and rowing. The day was filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a spirit of camaraderie as team members pushed their boundaries and cheered each other on.

Getigezheva, participating alongside her team, emphasised the importance of integrating wellness practices into daily life. ‘Participating in the Dubai Fitness Challenge as a team is not just about physical fitness; it’s about building a stronger, more cohesive unit that values health, teamwork, and persistence,’ she remarked. 

As the Dubai Fitness Challenge continues, Mira Developments stands as a shining example of how corporations can positively impact their communities and employees by embracing health and wellness initiatives.



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